There are something fascinating ideas which we have related to this project. It will give us a creative process to give life to an idea, and make it more emotional. We are making viewers engaging videos, Documentaries, and any Web series in our minds. we feel like..we should watch. We are always looking forward to discovering more stories about the creative process.

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At Freizeit Media, we offer original short films, latest web series, premium movies, creative vlogs, and exclusive documentaries of various genres. Everything you want to watch, anytime, anywhere, and as much.

We create and produce short films that not only entertain the viewers but also left them with moral messages.

We fabricate web series that can be watched and enjoyed on our OTT platform from the comfort of your home or anywhere, anytime.

We work on a great range of video blogs on travel, fashion, popular hubs, religion, streets, food, art & crafts, and much more.

We are intended to create documentaries that will reflect the realities of society. We create content that delights the audiences.


Smart, strategic planning is the key to a successful shoot. It’s a good thing we’re smart.


Once it’s in the can, we make the magic happen. Marketing magic, that is.


From stop-action to special effects, we’ve got the goods. And they’re very, very good.


Visual effects is the process by which imagery is created or manipulated outside the context of a live action shot in filmmaking.


Picture this: the images you need shot in a way that makes your audience want. More and more

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It is a awesome OTT platform for short films. You must download and Try to take awesome experience.

- kshitiij Singh

Awesome app with some of the most innovative content! Especially I liked movie entitled 'Bihari hai kya'. It is one of the few movies well-made on the subject of social discrimination.It is a short film with a big message. Makers have left no stone unturned in communicating the societal message. A must watch for all.

- Souvik Roy

Freizeit Media is an absolutely outstanding platform for short films. Just watched 'Bihari hai kya?' short film and loved it. Saying ' Bihari hai kya?' as a slang is one of the biggest issues in our today's society. Great platform for rising stars? For me, it's 10/10 in every aspect for ease of use and benefit. Happy user?

- Lakshmi Bharti

They make short films and movies. They have a good team and the content is also good. They have their app on Android as well as IOS which is great for the users. Hope to see some great content soon.

- Shivendra Singh