Utilized For


Ads Formate


Display Time

(in Days)

7 Days



Video Ads are Seamlessly Integrated within content Playback, appearing for a brief duration of 3 to 5 seconds.








1. Display Banner – 320X50

2. Prime Banner – 320X100

3. Lead Banner – 320X25

4. Interstitial Banner – 320X480

5. Carousel Banner – 328X230

6. Video Detail Banner – 320X50

7. Sticky Banner – 320X50

8. Native OTT Tray – 320X50

9. OTT Masthead – 320X50

Quality Check Timeline

Creative Examination 

1-2 working hours for quality check on dimensions, content, and resolution.


Campaign Launch

Go-Live Duration

24-48 working hours after creative approval.

Ongoing Changes

Integration of New Changes

1-2 working hours for ongoing campaign adjustments

Updated Campaign Report

Report Delivery Time

6 hours after the campaign goes live

Reports available within 24-48, 32, and 48 hours after the campaign goes live


Information in Campaign Report

Report Contents

Screenshots and videos of the campaign

Details on total impressions, clicks, reach, etc.

Uncertain details for some categories


Reporting Frequency

Report Updates

Every 1 day after the campaign goes live.
Every 2 days for videos.
Every 3 days for additional details.
Every 4 days for some information

Weekend Updates

Weekend Reporting

Reports will be updated during the week but not on weekends.
Monday updates for Friday or weekend reports

Proof of Execution Highlights:

Reporting Details:

  • Detailed Analytics and POE Report provided, showcasing Impressions, Reach, Clicks, etc.
  • Reports align with campaign KPIs

Delivery Schedule

Reports available within 24 hours post-campaign launch (excluding Saturdays and Sundays)

Execution Format

Screenshots not included in provided documentation

First Proof of Execution


Initial Proof of Execution presented at the campaign’s conclusion

Execution Frequency

Post-Campaign Review

Comprehensive Proof of Execution shared at the end of the campaign